Challenger Mobility Scooter Trailer

The Challenger Mobility Scooter Trailer is a sturdy versatile transporter.

The Challenger scooter trailer is the perfect solution to transport most items scooter riders should ever need. It has a huge cargo volume and a loading capacity of 88 lbs.

The scooter trailer has a red removable top cover that prevents theft. Many scooter trailer owners use it to store their personal items such as a purse, coat, books, laptop, weather canopy and many other personal items.

The heavy duty 16″ x 1.75″ solid nylon pneumatic tires give the scooter trailer a smooth gentle ride when being pulled, and it comes with all the hardware needed to easily attach to your power chair or scooter rear seat bracket.

The challenger scooter trailer is large enough for shopping, hauling or carrying your personal items yet small enough for making those sharp turns and fitting into small confined places.

This scooter trailer is great for any size scooter and it is easy to attach to your scooter seat bracket. It has a sturdy powder coated steel frame and comes with an easy removable transportation box made from shock-resistant recyclable plastic.

This scooter trailer comes highly recommended.

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