Folding Safety Flag

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The folding safety flag increases your visibility while you enjoy your mobility independence. The flag can be easily mounted to most scooters and when not in use, or when loading the scooter, the flag can be folded down.

When you are in a scooter, you are below the line of sight of most people as they walk about, so they often don’t see you, and they can step right in front of you or cut across your path. This flag lets people know that you are coming and when they see it, they actually get out of your way!

It is a large orange flag with a reflective strip for added safety. It measures 7 inches tall by 14.5 inches long, and the fiberglass pole it attaches to measures 51 inches tall when fully extended and 26.5 inches tall when folded.

Kit includes: Two ¾ inch square clamps, two 7⁄8 inch round clamps, and two ¼ x 1 inch bolts. These will ensure it fits well to your scooter.